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Files don't appear in the Stationery Picker
If the files don't appear in the Stationery Picker make sure that the files are actually in the correct folder by opening up C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationeryand check that all the relevant files are there.
Make sure that your computer is running in Normal Mode, not Safe Mode.

If the images are not displaying:
Check that the images are in the correct location: Right click on the "Start" button, click on Explore, paste the following into the Address bar at the top: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery
This should display your stationery files, such as index.htm, logo.gif or .jpg and so forth. If these files aren't in the folder then you will need to unzip them again into that folder. Check you are composing html messages: Make sure that Outlook/Outlook Express is set to composing html emails, rather than Rich Text or Plain Text.
Tools>Options>Mail Format "Message Format"should be HTML and "Use MS Word to edit email messages" should be unchecked.
Outlook Express:
Tools>Options>Send "Mail Sending Format" should be HTML.

Service Pack 2
If you have a computer with XP and Service Pack 2 installed please follow the instructions on the link below: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/843018
PLEASE NOTE: Some servers will remove images from emails. This is to with the server, not the Email Stationery and we suggest that if some of your recipients can only receive "Plain Text"emails to select them as "Plain Text recipients"in Outlook"s Address Book.

If the fonts are different to what you expected check the following:
Tools>Options>Mail Format "Fonts"under "Stationery Fonts" choose "Use the font specified in Stationery".
When you have a "New Message" window open also check: Format>Style Either "Paragraph"or "Normal" should be selected.
Please note:
If "Paragraph" is selected, pressing the return key will produce a hard return (it will move the cursor down two lines to create a new paragraph). If "Normal" is selected, pressing the return key will just move the cursor down one line. If you have a company font then this must be selected when you choose the Email Stationery.

Using multiple email templates on one computer
If you are using the same computers then you can have two (or more) email stationeries installed. When you have set up a new account for your other email address you can do one of the following:
Actions > New Mail Message using > and select the stationery you want. To send it from a particular account click and hold on the down arrow next to the Send button (top left) and select the correct account.
Outlook Express:
Message > New Mail Message using > and select the stationery you want.
To send it from a particular account Outlook Express comes up with an option to choose the email account at the top by the "To" field. Alternatively you could set up different identities in Outlook Express. This is quite simple and will keep your emails for each business separate. Each identity can be set up with its own Email Stationery so there is no need to select it each time you write a message.
See Microsoft for additional help:

Persistent Problems:
If you are still having problems then it is advisable to delete all files (html/gif/jpg) and re-install the files that were originally emailed to you.

If you have any further problems please call Peter on 01865-339406 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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